Foam Rolls

Foam Rolls are one of the most popular items in which many companies prefer as packaging cushioning material. This item comes in white or pink (Anti-static), and in many different thicknesses with standard height, slits, and perforation.

This item comes in 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and many more with standard perforation and slits. If you have a request for different slits of perforation, please contact us to discuss any further information.

Foam Sheets

Foam sheets are used as center dividers and packaging protectors when items are being stacked one on top of another. This sheet comes in many different sizes and thickness, it all depends on the customers’ specifications. If any questions, please contact us to discuss your packaging needs.

Foam Pouches

Foam pouches are used to cover car bumpers, ceramic and etc.

Thermal Foam Bag

Thermal Guard is designed to keep what your packaging in a 20 degrees cooler temperature, protecting the item from the outer environment temp.

Ventilated Foam Pads

Ventilated Foam Sheets are used to serve as a center divider to protect fruits and vegetables, the sheets holes allow cool air to circulate to keep the product fresh and from getting spoil. This item is designed with customers specification to fit the product packaging needs. Please contact us for further discussion.